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Project 4-2

The Virgin brand stands for Innovation, Vision and Quality, so when Virgin Health Bank opened the very first Cord Blood Banking Facility in Qatar it was no surprise that it set new standards in the Region. When Sequin Miner Photography was selected for the VHB English/Arabic Website & Marketing Collateral Campaign as well as the Launch of their state of the art Laboratory and Storage Facility we were proud to be part of something so incredibly important. Cord Blood Banking Cells are being used to develop life-saving treaments for blood cancers, sickle cell anemia and many others. This is work that will directly benefit all our Children. Supporting work that matters, that means something.English Arabic Brochure Collateral (Still Images)English Arabic Website Collateral (Still Images)English Arabic Point of Sale Collateral (Still Images)Senior Executive Portraits (Still Images)Storage Facility Marketing Collateral (Still Images)Storage Facility Architectural Images (Still Images)Storage Facility Promotional Loop and Training Video Footage (Hi-Def Video)

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